Terms and Conditions

By using our services you accept to abide by the following terms.


Age Requirements

  1. All children under the age of 16 are required to be supervised by a parent or guardian over 18.
  2. We recommend that the VR Booth players are aged 8+, however this depends on the ability and size of the child. Speak with a member of the team if you are unsure.


Reservations & Payments

  1. Refunds for any money paid in advance of an event booking will only be provided if cancelled and confirmed by the venue prior to 24 hours before the booking is due to take place.
  2. Full payment is taken at the time of booking, and players agree to sign a liability waiver before their session starts.
  3. Booked play time may be shared with up to six members of the same household. We reserve the right to end play time early or charge for any additional players found to be using our equipment at the equivalent hourly rate.
  4. Game play session time starts once the staff demonstration of the equipment has been completed and the user is ready to start playing. It is not possible to pause player session time in the headsets due to other bookings that may be arriving after the session ends.
  5. If arriving late your session time will have already started. This means you may have reduced play time from your session as it would otherwise impact on other sessions after your booking if it were to be extended.
  6. If arriving early your session time may start from an earlier time, however you will not gain any additional time and your booked time will start from then (30 minutes etc).
  7. Please arrive 10 minutes before your VR session time to ensure you’re booked in, waiver is signed and we can talk you through how to use VR. Arriving late may mean you’ll lose time as other sessions may be booked after yours. No refunds will be given for late arrivals.
  8. Regrettably, as with all technology – the highly advanced nature of virtual reality means that our equipment may sometimes malfunction. Our staff endeavour to rectify these issues as quickly as possible. We ask for player’s patience during this process and any session time lost will be compensated back to the player. On occasions where it is not possible to compensate play session time then any time lost will be credited back to the player to use on a future booking.
  9. In the case of unforeseen circumstances (i.e. equipment malfunction, electricity failure) when an entire booking cannot be honoured then a full refund will be provided or an alternative time slot can be booked.
  10. Gift Card purchases can be redeemed in-store or online via our website booking system. All vouchers purchased have no cash value and must be used within 1 year from when they were initially purchased.
  11. All special offers, discount codes or vouchers can only be applied at the time of a booking, they cannot not be used after or any adjustments made for not using them at the time of booking. We reserve the right to withdraw any offers at any time, without notice. All offers are subject to availability plus any additional terms details when advertised.


Event Conduct & Content

  1. All users must listen to staff on how to use our equipment properly and how to request staff assistance within the games before play commences.
  2. In the interests of hygiene and the protection of our equipment the facial covers provided on the headsets must always be used and not removed during the session.
  3. Players must notify staff if they have any illnesses which could be passed onto other users.
  4. For safety, all spectators and non-players must keep clear of the play zone areas and not interfere with players using the equipment. Be mindful that users wearing a VR headset whilst playing on our equipment will not be able to physically see you in the real world. Touching or pushing players while they’re in VR can cause serious harm and damage to equipment.
  5. Staff will assist users in putting on the headset at the start of a session. Users can fit or remove their own VR headsets unaided as long as they take care with the equipment. Staff can assist users to fit and remove headsets if required.
  6. We may occasionally photograph or record players using our equipment during their sessions. By making a booking, you give us the right to use these photographs and footage in our marketing material. If you do not wish to be photographed then you must make staff aware before arriving at the venue.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse to serve a customer if we suspect they are under the influence of drugs, alcohol or are rude and abusive to our staff.
  8. We reserve the right to refuse to serve a customer if we suspect that they will be unable to safely use our equipment without causing injury to themselves, others or damage to our property.
  9. We reserve the right to end play time early with no refund given if users do not follow any staff instruction and their behaviour (or any of their group’s behaviour) is deemed to be inappropriate or at risk of causing injury to themselves, others or damage to our property.
  10. We strive to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. All feedback is welcomed, however in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your experience then any complaints must be logged and recorded by the duty manager before leaving the venue. Complaints will not be upheld if the venue is first notified of an issue after you have left the venue.



  1. All damaged caused to equipment during a session by players must be paid for in full.
  2. In case of causing intentional damage to our equipment, we reserve the right to report offenders to the police and take legal action to recover cost for damages.
  3. It is the parents responsibility to ensure children are not accessing content which is deemed unsuitable for their age. We are available for advice as to what content is suitable for the age group in question.
  4. We take no responsibility for personal possessions brought onto the premises. We are not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of items.


Health Advisory Information

Our VR Experiences are highly immersive and the very nature of virtual reality is designed to be extremely realistic. This level of immersion may cause you to experience intense emotions and sensations, all of which are perfectly safe but add to the fun and excitement of using our equipment.

Please ask a team member for information on:

  • Content Advisory – Giving information about elements of the experience that could be offensive or inappropriate for some guests (e.g. bad language, adult humour, violence, etc).

  • VR Experience Advisory – Giving information about elements of the experience that could be stressful or unpleasant for some guests (e.g. extreme heights, sudden scares etc).

Below is a list of potential issues which may arise as a result of participating in a VR Experience. Please read the list carefully and think about how these issues could affect you before deciding to proceed.

  • Use of the VR headset may cause eye strain.

  • Extensive or excess high noise levels may harm hearing.

  • Screens may flicker and / or there may be flashing images which may trigger underlying health conditions.

  • Use of the headset may induce feelings of motion sickness.

  • Use of the technology may interfere with some medical devices (e.g. cardiac pacemaker). Users of medical devices should consult with their doctor before participation.

  • The technology and some content may not be suitable for those with pre-existing medical or mental health conditions.

  • Content and physical body activity required to participate fully in some experiences (i.e jumping, ducking, moving rapidly) may not be suitable for users that are pregnant or in poor physical health.

  • Use of the technology and content may induce feelings of claustrophobia, other phobias or panic.

  • Objects in the real world may not be visible in the virtual world.

  • Objects in the virtual world may not exist in the real world.

  • Feelings of disorientation may be felt at the end of the experience.

  • Repeated, intensive use may exaggerate the effects above.


You must not participate in an experience if you are tired, feel unwell, under the influence of alcohol, drugs, in pain, stressed or feel anxious as these factors can increase your risk of potential issues.

If you have any health & safety questions or concerns before, during or after your experience then please inform a member of staff straight away.