Wedding VR Booth


The perfect companion for your perfect day. Keep your guests fully entertained with Magick Technology Virtual Reality Experiences. The booth is staffed by 2 VR operators that will assists your guests every step of the way. Plus! You can customise the type of VR games and experiences to match your theme. Book and speak to our team today!

VR Booth includes 1 HTC Vive and access to 100’s of games and experiences!

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To have a play area (room-scale experience) of 3×3 meters, a minimum room space of 4.5×4.5 meters is recommended:

To achieve the best VR Experience, a 3×3 meter play area is highly recommended. This size fulfills the requirement of most games (ex: room-escape).

This area allows for friends and family to observe from a safe distance. A 4.5×4.5 meter play area could contain a PC, TV screen, chairs, and sofa.

Is there an electrical supply at the location?

We will need access to a 240v power supply. We will supply the extension cables if needed.

Will there be WiFi or Ethernet access at the location?

We require a constant internet connection to verify commercial game content, it’s licencing platform and online multi-player access.

Do you have a large display or projector already installed?

If you do not have access to a display or projector we will supply a 32″ monitor or portable projector for display on a large clear wall.

What games and experiences are available?

We cater for all types of venues and events!